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62 Years of Construction Excellence

Established in 1945 in Lodi, New Jersey, by Barney and Inez Branca, BEC began as a full service engineering and construction firm capable of providing complete design/build services. The goals set by its founders were simple: "Provide a building service to the community with the utmost integrity and honesty and give each client a quality product so that all involved can be proud."

From this foundation, BEC grew into one of New Jersey's largest and most successful general contracting firms. BEC has also established an $200 million dollar bonding line with a major underwriter.

BEC  was one of the first building contractors to venture into the Meadowlands area. In 1961, when many were utilizing the Meadowlands for a garbage dump, BEC perfected the muck and fill method for construction, an innovative idea that is widely used today in the Meadowlands area. BEC's vision of building in the Meadowlands became a reality which has given New Jersey, among other things, the prestige of an international sports center. In the Meadowlands region alone, BEC has built over 3,150,000 square feet of construction space and the East Rutherford Industrial Park has served as its home base since 1965.

Our sister company, Branca Properties, Inc., owns and manages over 1,530,000 square feet of office, industrial and retail space. This division of the company is as flexible as your needs. Our team will plan, finance, build, lease or lease back, as you wish. We will also assist in site selection.

BEC's business goals are to build quality and customer satisfaction. Its comprehensive background in all phases of design and construction, coupled with over a half century of experience, have earned BEC a reputation unequaled in the construction industry.

BEC's intent is to forge ahead with renewed energy, while not forgetting the heritage that has made it one of the finest construction companies in the State.


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